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Spacecraft GNC/ACS Engineering Services

ACS provides a full range of engineering and consulting services in spacecraft guidance, navigation, control, and attitude determination to support planned and on-going programs. Please note that Aerospace Control Systems LLC is not an outsourcing or staffing agency.

Engineering services include spacecraft system engineering, R & D, attitude determination and control system design and analysis, simulation, algorithm and software development, testing, operation, telemetry processing and analysis, and anomaly resolution. Consulting services include independent review, IV & V, expert advice, facilitation, and training.See the Capabilities page for additional information.

Our goal is to help you solve challenging technical problems within cost and schedule constraints. You can count on quality work, diligence, and a high degree of professionalism. ACS abides by the IEEE, AIAA, and NSPE professional codes of ethics.

You should contact us when

  • You have an immediate staffing requirement but your long-term staffing plans are uncertain.
  • You need temporary help until permanent full-time staff can be hired.
  • You need temporary help to meet schedule milestones.
  • You need an expert and the experts in your organization are too busy.
  • You need expertise that is not available within your organization.
  • You want a fresh perspective on an engineering challenge.
  • You have to make a decision, but your engineers disagree, so you need an independent and unbiased expert opinion.
  • You need an independent and objective review or verification and validation of a system at any stage of development.
  • You need help on the technical section of a proposal.
  • You want to develop your staff's technical capabilities through courses and seminars.

Contact ACS if your situation matches any of these criteria.