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Collaboration is key to unlocking ideas and finding solutions.



iss 7696 71920 croppedAs a support contractor and independent consultant, I work collaboratively with your engineering team to understand and to define or clarify the technical problem to be solved, to review the team's current approach to solving the problem, to identify and analyze various alternative solutions (AoA), to select the most effective and feasible solution, and to implement and test the solution. These steps often require a fresh perspective on the problem and a different or modified technical approach to solving the problem. Through collaboration, your engineering team will learn to solve such problems themselves on other projects.


Good decisions and effective action follow from discussion, collaboration, consensus, commitment, and follow-through.


CollaborationCollaboration does not preclude working independently to identify problems and solutions, rather it means to maintain communication, exchange information and ideas, to present and discuss problems and solutions in detail, and to arrive at a consensus. I strive to build a good working relationship based on trust and respect for your engineering team and its management. You can count on a high degree of professionalism – a good working relationship and communication, quality work, diligence, and ethics.



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