Customer Focus

ing 19072 02708I strive to provide professional engineering and consulting services, to address my customers' needs, and to exceed my customers' expectations. I have had long-term relationships with my customers as a result of good working relationships, critical technical contributions, and mission successes.

A Fresh Perspective

As an outside expert, I can provide a fresh perspective, new insight, and a different or modified technical approach to identify and solve problems. By working collaboratively with an expert outside of your organization, your engineering team will be able to see beyond their established methods and processes to find correct solutions to challenging problems.

Collaboration is Key

I will collaborate with your engineering team, to understand and define the technical problem to be solved, to review the team's current approach to solving the problem, to identify and analyze various alternative solutions (AoA), to select the most effective and feasible solution, and to implement and test the solution. Good decisions and effective action follow from discussion, collaboration, consensus, and follow-through.


Why Utilize Outside Expertise?

There are several reasons to consider adding outside expertise to your team. In general, you may have staffing problems or technical issues that have to be resolved quickly to meet requirements an schedule milestones, or you may need some consulting services.

An outside expert can provide new insight and a fresh perspective on a problem. An outside expert can also help to expand your team's knowledge and capability

Whatever your concerns are, I am ready to support you and your team to ensure mission success.




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