Company Information

Aerospace Control Systems Engineering and Research LLC, d/b/a Aerospace Control Systems LLC (ACS), is a consulting and engineering services company incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia in 11/2005 (originally in Maryland in 1/2003). It was founded in January 2003 as a brief one-time consulting stint, and began providing full-time engineering and consulting services in August 2005. Dr. Mark E. Pittelkau is the founder and owner of Aerospace Control Systems LLC. It is classified as a small business. ACS is not an outsourcing agency or staffing agency.

Current and past customers include civil (NASA), national laboratories, defense contractors, and commercial satellite imaging companies.

Work can be done on-site or off-site, or a combination of both. Classified work will be done on-site.

The company's address is

Dr. Mark E. Pittelkau
Aerospace Control Systems, LLC
35215 Greyfriar Drive
Round Hill, Virginia, 20141-2395


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WGS-84 Coordinates

Lat = +39° 10' 21.19", Lon = -77° 47' 5.68", Alt = 800' MSL
(39.172553, -77.784912, 800)

Aerospace Control Systems, LLC carries a $2M General Liability insurance policy.

acsinnovations is a service mark of Aerospace Control Systems, LLC.