There are many reasons to consider adding outside expertise to your team. You may have staffing concerns that can be fulfilled immediately by subcontracting some of the engineering work load, or you may have some technical concerns that have to be resolved quickly by a Subject Matter Expert (SME).

If your concerns are in the checklists below, then you should consider using my engineering and consulting services. Whatever your concerns are, I am ready to support you and your engineering team to ensure mission success.

Staffing Concerns Staffing Concerns

  • You have an immediate staffing requirement but your long-term staffing plans are uncertain.
  • You need temporary help until permanent full-time staff can be hired.
  • You need temporary help to meet schedule milestones.
  • You need a subject matter expert to solve a mission-critical problem.
  • You need an expert but the experts in your organization are too busy.
  • You need an expert only part-time, and a full-time hire is too costly.
  • You need expertise that is not available within your organization.
  • You want to develop your staff's technical capabilities through courses and seminars.
  • A problem is organizational, such as silos or cliques, or communication between subsystems.

Technical ConcernsTechnical Concerns

  • You want a fresh perspective on an engineering challenge.
  • You have a technical difficulty or anomaly.
  • You have to make a decision, but your engineers disagree, so you need an independent expert opinion.
  • A problem is unclear or misidentified.
  • The approach to solving a problem is unclear.
  • There is adherence to problematic but institutionalized methods and procedures.
  • You need an independent and objective review or verification and validation at any stage of design.
  • Your customer has some concerns and wants a subject matter expert to evaluate the problem or solution.
  • You need help on the technical section of a proposal.



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